Thursday, 11 September 2014

Tomatoes are a poppin

G'day and welcome to the gardnin blog.

Tonight we are lookin at whats comin up this spring, and when i say comin up i mean it!
We chucked in some tomato seeds about 10 days ago (i'll tell ya the types later) and they are up and rarein ta go.
Just had a look at em now and we have 15 tomato seeds that have germinated and reached for the sky.
We have em sittin in the window at the moment, in a seedlin raisin mix, (just looks like normal pottin soil to me so we chucked in some of this propgation stuff we got from bunnins), seems to do the job cause theyre all comin up.

As you can see, we've gone a little overboard, but doesnt matter cause weve got plenty of room, and if we have left overs i'll give em to some friends (probably Mum).

So, the tomato types we have so far are:
- Wild Sweetie (worlds smallest and sweetest tomato variety)
- Cherry Cocktail (grew em last year and they went off)
- Black Cherry (never tried to grow, but sound like best of both worlds)
- Grosse Lisse (dunno much about em, red tomato)
- Black Krim (big black.......tomatoes)
- Giant Tree (not sure about this one, apparently grows 4-6 metres, should be interesting)

Apart from tomatoes, our cucumbers have taken off very nicely, they were the first of all the seeds to pop up, theyll be first to try out or new green house I think.

Apart fromt hat we have a whole bunch of other stuff that is just taken its sweet time, so we'll worry about em some other day.

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