Wednesday, 7 January 2015

midsummer in our garden is busy!

Tomatoes are back to tomato shed 
and they are producing heaps! We have started to harvest them earlier just when they start to show some colour so the crop can mature inside. It also prevents possum stealing the fruit...which is something we have experienced lately...So far So good.;)
Eggplants were quite slow to start but it looks like they were waiting for the right weather. Now it's mostly 25+ with occasional days up to +43! And eggplants are loving it ! 
This year we have had a fair bit trouble with pumpkins - where 10 maybe even 20? 30? Small pumpkins have just dropped off before growing to full it too hot? Growing methods? Too fancy varieties?!?  .....I think it's best to leave this saga for Mark to explain.:) 

Hopeffy these guys will make it to the end!

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